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How We Work

A bit about our process

Our Approach

At Springboard SEO, our mission is clear: Deliver results, and keep you fully informed—from first meeting to final reports.

Springboard SEO is an open and transparent company: We work to develop and implement strategies that provide long-lasting Internet visibility, and aim to give you the tools you'll need to continue in that direction.

To Request a Proposal

You can request a proposal by phone (514-400-0852) or from our contact form, and a member of our senior staff will contact you within 1 business day with a few simple questions about your online business goals. Please allow up to 3 business days to receive an estimate, at which point we will gladly prepare and send you a formal proposal.

What to Expect: A Typical Web Visibility Project

Initial Meeting

Get a sense of what its like to work with us.
  • Ask questions: Gather your team, compile any questions, and we'll gladly explain how we work and why.
  • Provide information: To get a sense of where your brand has been and where it's going, we'll ask you about your past performance online, your immediate needs, and your longterm goals.
  • Review the proposal: We'll go over our proposal, and help delegate tasks if you have a design team or copywriters.

At Springboard SEO, we believe in "doing it right the first time", so that your rankings in Google get even better with time.

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