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SEO Case Studies

Challenges, strategies, results

Client: MYP Real Estate Brokers

Marie Yvonne Paint - Luxury Montreal Real Estate Brokers

Marie-Yvonne Paint has been bringing luxury home buyers and sellers together in Montreal for over 20 years. Her success as a broker has been covered in publications such as The New York Times, The National Post, Elle Quebec.

The Challenge

Marie-Yvonne knew that in order to get additional visibility for client properties, her website needed to be found in Google for terms that luxury home buyers use when searching online. When Springboard SEO first met with the brokerage, mypaint.ca wasn't visible in Google's search results for any competitive keywords at all. Most search engine traffic was brand-related (navigational), opposed to for keywords that demonstrated clear transactional intent. Additionally, the website wasn't user-friendly, and didn't load properly in certain devices, such as the popular Ipad tablet.

Marie-Yvonne's competitors, on the other hand, were ranking well—at the top of the first page of search results for competitive Industry keywords—and this is where mypaint.ca needed to be to remain competitive, moving forward.

An initial meeting with Marie-Yvonne's key team members gave us a clear picture of her brand and business objectives. In subsequent meetings, we ironed out the details of a strategy that would align the brokerage's goals with those of its online audience.

The Strategy

Springboard SEO met with mypaint.ca's design agency, Paprika, and their development team, started by furnishing them with guidelines, mock-ups, and detailed instructions to implement with their design process, for a more user-friendly and efficient website.

The Process

  1. While Paprika was busy creating a much improved website design, Marie-Yvonne's team began writing and editing new content for several of the site's pages, according to recommendation
  2. Once Paprika's design work was complete, the approved templates were sent to their web developers to begin construction on mypaint.ca's new content management system and administration panel
  3. Springboard SEO worked closely with the development team to ensure every detail was carried out according to spec

Our solution included:

  • Search engine optimization from industry and keyword research to technical site construction specifications for optimal performance in search
  • Content strategy for increased value to visitors and search engines alike
  • Recommended improvements to the website's overall structure, and information design of individual pages
  • Full support to the MyPaint.ca website development team
  • Instructions to the brokerage's team for entering real estate listings into an improved admin panel

The Results

Mypaint.ca went live on September 25th, 2012. By October 15th 2012, dozens of competitive top-of-first-page rankings had already appeared. These results have steadily improved with each Google algorithm update and refresh to its index.

Search Engine Traffic Increase

Search Engine Pre-SEO: Jan – May 2012 Post-SEO: Jan – May 2013
Google 9,686 visitors 15,107 visitors
  • 55.97% increase in targeted Google traffic

Springboard SEO's business philosophy has always been to under-promise and over-deliver. Satisfied clients are the heart of our business—recurring costs for unnecessary services are not.

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