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SEO Glossary

An ever-growing glossary of SEO Jargon

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An editorial link is a hyperlink to a website from some editorial source, such as a blog post, review, resource, or media coverage. Editorial links are earned naturally by a website or web page for its value, opposed to links that are asked for, making them strong signals of authority to search engines algorithms.

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In online marketing, engagement generally refers to actions taken by website visitors that have the potential of leading to conversions.

Visitor—or audience—engagement can be encouraged through persuasive copywriting, user-friendly information design, and calls to action, and can be measured using Web analytics software.

Entry page

An entry page is the first web page of a visit, where readers arrive at a website from some other domain.

When a visitor enters and leaves a website from the entry page without first viewing any other pages, it is know as a bounce. Bounce rates can help determine the effectiveness of an entry page at driving traffic deeper into a website.


The Everflux is a term that describes the minor, regular fluctuations seen in the search results, as Google continuously updates its index of content found across the Web.

Prior to the Fritz update in 2003, Google would update its index on a monthly basis only, causing search results to change—often drastically—from month to month. These major fluctuations were know as the Google Dance.

Evergreen Content

Evergeen content is web content that doesn't lose relevance over time. Unlike blog posts on hot topics, or news articles, evergeen content never becomes obsolete, and retains the value it had on the date is was published. Examples include:

  • How-to guides
  • Tutorials
  • Glossaries
  • Product Reviews
Exact Match Domain

A domain name that has the exact keywords the website is primarily targeting in search. An example of an exact match domain name is http://www.montrealsearchengineoptimization.ca, which is targeting the keywords 'Montreal search engine optimization'.

Exact match domains (EMDs) were, at one time, a virtual guarantee of first page rankings for their contained keywords. Due to the high number of low-quality sites taking advantage of this shortcut to first page rankings, most search engines have lowered the value of exact match domain as a signal in their ranking algorithms.

On September 28, 2012, Google launched an update that targeted low-quality exact-match domains.

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