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SEO Glossary

An ever-growing glossary of SEO Jargon

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Table (HTML)
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Tag (HTML)
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Title (HTML)
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Title bar

A title bar is the area at the very top of a browser's window, which usually displays the title of the currently active web page on the left hand side, followed by the name of the browser.

Browser title barFirefox browser title bar
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Tool Bar PageRank

Tool Bar Pagerank is the public Google PageRank data made available by Google via its tool bar and API. TBPR is updated infrequently; therefore is not an accurate measure of PageRank, which updates continuously.

Topical relevance

Topical relevance represents similarity to a subject (topic). Search engines are constantly striving to improve the topical relevance of their results to user queries.


A trackback is an automated notification sent to a blog when another blog has linked to it. Trackbacks, when enabled, are typically seen in a blog post's comment section.

Transport Layer Security

Transport Layer Security, or TLS, is a data encryption protocol, typically used to secure websites and other internet traffic that transmit sensitive or private data, such as addresses or credit card numbers. TLS is the successor to the SSL protocol.

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Trust symbol

A trust symbol, in relation to a website, is any sign or indication that conveys trust, and helps earn credibility with visitors, and higher conversion rates. Trust symbols include:

  • Trust seals that identify data security protocols used on the site, such as SSL or TLS encryption
  • Privacy seals that indicate compliance with privacy statements and programs such as TRUSTe or WebTrust
  • Well placed links to privacy statement pages
  • Client testimonials
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TrustRank is a concept involving the calculated trust of a website. In contrast to PageRank, which calculates link popularity—and can be manipulated with spammy links—TrustRank measures the quality of websites and pages by their backlink proximity to manually identified, reputable sites, known as seed pages.

Google considers trust, as it does authority, to help rank web pages; however, the existence of a specific TrustRank algorithm has never been confirmed.

TrustRank was originally described in a Stanford paper in 2004.

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