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Uniform Resource Locator

A Uniform Resource Locator, or URL, is the web address of a resource, usually a web page. The URL of this web page is http://www.springboardseo.com/resources/glossary/u.html.

Unique Visitor

A unique visitor is a key web analytics metric that represents a person who visits a site at least once within a reporting period; typically 1 month. Unique visitors are usually tracked using first-party cookies set on visitors' computers; therefore, a visitor to a website from two different computers within the reporting period would count as 2 uniques visitors.

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URL Forwarding
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URL Normalization

URL normalization, or URL canonicalization is the process of indicating to search engines which is the preferred version of a web page if its content is available from other URLs on the site. This helps search engines avoid crawling different versions of the same content, and controls how web pages accumulate link equity.

Examples of different URLs that may exist for the same web page include:

  • http://www.yoursite.com/
  • http://www.yoursite.com
  • http://yoursite.com
  • http://www.yoursite.com/index.html
  • http://www.yoursite.com/index.html?lang=en
  • http://www.yoursite.com/index.html?sessionid=123&affid=446

The best way to suggest a canonical page to search engines is the canonical attribute. Other methods include those used to prevent duplicate content.

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URL Redirection

URL redirection, or URL forwarding, is the process of forwarding one URL to another. When an URL is ridirected, all traffic from the former page or site is automatically sent to the new one. Redirects are useful in preventing broken links when a web page is deleted or needs to be renamed, or when a website changes its domain name.

URL redirects may be executed by a web page, such as a with the Meta refresh; however, server-side redirects, are faster, more user-friendly, and transfer the most link equity to the destination page. The most search-friendly URL redirect is the 301 Permanent Redirect

URL Rewrite

A URL rewrite is a modification to a web page's URL, usually to create a clean, more user-friendly, search-engine-friendly link. The most common form of URL rewrite is mod_rewrite, used in the Apache web server.

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User Generated Content

User Generated Content, or UGC, is web content created by visitors to a website, as opposed to by the site's owner or editors. User generated content is a Web 2.0 phenomenon, and is cultivated in web forum discussions, blog comments, and social media platforms.

Rich UGC can be seen as a sign of good visitor engagement, and has the benefit of adding new, relevant content to a website, without the input of the site owner.

Blogs and forums are generally moderated, with outbound links nofollowed, to discourage comment spam.

User Intent

On the Web, user intent can be defined as a person's particular goal in using a web application or website. In search, user intent can be deduced from keywords used in search queries, and can be divided into 4 categories:

  1. Navigational: Searches for a specific website (instead of entering in into a browser's address bar), e.g., 'Springboardseo.com' or 'Springboard SEO Montreal'
  2. Informational: Searches that are generally non-commercial and non-transaction-oriented, e.g., 'SEO best practices' or 'Montreal weather forecast'
  3. Commercial: Searches that fall between informational and transactional, such as investigative research, e.g., 'Montreal digital marketing firms', 'SEO companies in Canada'
  4. Transactional: Searches that demonstrate clear transactional intent, such as purchases, downloads, and sign-ups, e.g., 'Search engine statistics whitepaper download' or 'SEO consultation rates'
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