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SEO Glossary

An ever-growing glossary of SEO Jargon

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Validation (HTML)
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Vertical search, or topical search refers to search queries for specific types of results, or topics. Vertical search engines specialize in information on particular industries, or niches. Examples include YouTube, TinEye (reverse image search), Ohloh (source code search for web developers), Pipl (person search), and many more.

Regular search engines, used mostly for general, or core search, are increasingly branching out with vertical search functionality. Google and Bing both offer vertical search for images, videos, news, local (maps), and more. The lesser known Blekko allows users to add slashtags to queries to narrow down results.

Google vertical search Google's vertical search options
Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing is a concentrated effort to increase brand awareness, typically by producing catchy content and sharing it on appropriate social media channels. The desired outcome is widespread sharing across social networks such as YouTube and Facebook, and by email.

Content that results in a viral response is sometimes referred to as an Internet meme.

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A vortal is a portal website that provides users with resources on a particular topic or type of information.

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