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Google Algorithm Change History

Google algorithm updates and data refreshes

Google Algorithm Updates of 2009

Complete list of Google algorithm updates for 2009.

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# Date Update Update type Noticeable effect
2 Aug 10, 2009 Caffeine (Preview) Infrastructure None
1 Feb, 2009 Vince Ranking signals No estimate given

Caffeine (Preview): August 9, 2009

Google Index Infrastructure Change

On August 10 2009, Google announced an upcoming major improvement to the size, index, speed, accuracy, and comprehensiveness of their search engine index. This next-generation architecture, named Caffeine, was now available to the public on a temporary server for testing and feedback.

On June 8 2010, Google announced that Caffeine was live on all data centers.

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Vince: Late February, 2009

Change in Ranking Signals

What first appeared to be an update that favoured known brands in search results, Vince was later described by Google's Matt Cutts as increased importance of rankings signals such as trust and authority.

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