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Search Engine Optimization FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How long will it take before I see better rankings in google?
  2. How long do search engine results last?
  3. Are first place rankings for competitive keywords guaranteed?
  4. Why should I choose Springboard SEO?


  1. How much will search engine optimization cost?
  2. Are there any monthly fees for search engine optimization?


  1. How does search engine optimization work?
  2. Will search engine optimization change how my website looks?


1. How long will it take before I see better rankings in google?
The time it will take for your website's search engine rankings to begin improving depends on several of its characteristics prior to optimization. Older websites, with diverse backlink portfolios—and more trust from search engines—generally begin to climb in rankings faster than newer sites. The average website, at least one or two years old, will typically show first signs of improvement in search within 2 or 3 weeks of optimization. It often takes 8-10 weeks to see significant improvement, as search engines need time to crawl, evaluate, and re-index new content, and react to improved website performance.

Many factors determine the speed at which you'll see full results; we'll let you know from the beginning of what to expect. Whichever the case, our policy has always been to under-promise and over-deliver.TopTop
2. How long do search engine results last?
You can expect rankings to improve over time, not diminish. Many of our clients see their rankings rise with every Google update (additions/improvements to Google's ranking algorithms), just as Springboard SEO's website has over the years. Contrarily, in that time, many of our competitors have fallen from the the first page of results for competitive keywords as a result of using quick fix and band-aid solutions, instead of thorough planning and careful implementation.Top
3. Are first place rankings for competitive keywords guaranteed?
Beware of SEO companies that claim to guarantee rankings, as natural search results are computed by algorithms that automatically index sites according to hundreds of different criteria. Springboard SEO's guarantee is to give our clients the very best that our years of search visibility experience have given us.

Guaranteed search placement exists only through paid inclusion, such as with Google Adwords pay-per-click program. The disadvantage of paid inclusion is that once you reach your daily advertising budget or terminate your campaign, your search visibility ceases.

Read more about Google's advice on choosing an SEO company, as well as other useful links to web visibility guidelines and recommendations.Top
4. Why should I choose Springboard SEO?
At Springboard SEO, we understand that your brand's overall online image is just as important to you as high search engine rankings are. We have never believed—and never will—in tactics that could have any possible negative impact on your business's brand or online reputation. Each improvement to your website's search rankings should also strengthen either its content, its usability, or its long-term web visibility—and certainly never detract from it.

Our goal is to help you achieve high rankings for your most competitive search terms, and help you stay there. We believe in "doing it right the first time", so that Google updates and changes to their algorithm are unlikely to adversely affect your ranking.



5. How much does search engine optimization cost?
The amount of work necessary varies widely from project to project; therefore, so does pricing. Several factors influence cost of SEO, including:
  • Competitive online landscape
  • Your current performance in search
  • The number of web pages on your site
  • The age of your website
  • The number of authoritative websites that link to yours
  • The construction of your website
  • Your website's content, its overall information design, and its structure on each page
For relatively less competitive industries—often for local, small businesses—pricing for search engine optimization is typically in the range of $2500.00 - $3500.00.

For more competitive, corporate businesses that target national or international search results, there is substantially more work involved, and pricing generally begins at $7000.00.

Springboard SEO's project-based pricing is based on customized solutions, and our non cookie-cutter approach to web visibility.Top
6. Are there any monthly fees for search engine optimization?
We never charge a default monthly fee once a website is fully optimized. One of the main benefits of search engine optimization is the investment in a self sustaining search presence. You'll likely be eager to move away from monthly budget Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising models such as Google Adwords. Despite being unnecessary, many SEO firms today still convince unsuspecting clients to pay default "maintenance fees", with little—if anything—to show for them.

We do offer customized, monthly services to increase your web presence over time—beyond the initial optimization of your website. If we believe that any of these services are critical to your short-term search visibility, they will be included in your original proposal. Examples of extended web visibility services include: blog maintenance, conversion optimization, analytics services, and usability testing. Top


7. How does search engine optimization work?
Search engine optimization methods we use are tailored to each website's strengths and weaknesses; however, the types of improvements made with SEO fall into 3 categories:
  • Website construction. The behind the scenes Web languages and technology that holds your site together, i.e., static vs dynamic pages, content management systems, quality of HTML/CSS, etc.
  • Content. All the information (text, images, media) on your site, its structure, its accessibility to search engines and people, and how well it satisfies the needs of your visitors.
  • Marketing: The use of social media to create buzz and increase links to your site. Backlinks from search engine respected websites in turn earn your site that respect, and boost your rankings.
Learn more about how search engine optimization works Top
8. Will search engine optimization change how my website looks?
Not necessarily. When warranted, subtle editing to your site's content will be seamlessly integrated to match your brand's voice and style. In some cases, additional web pages, improved site or page structure, or more usable and efficient navigation might be recommended. Whichever path is best for your site's success in search, its implications on website usability and your brand's image are given equal priority.Top

Springboard SEO's business philosophy has always been to under-promise and over-deliver. Satisfied clients are the heart of our business—recurring costs for unnecessary services are not.

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