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Glossary Definition: Minisite

An ever-growing glossary of SEO Jargon

What is a Minisite?

A minisite, sometimes referred to as a microsite, is a small website that offers information on a company's specific product or service.

Minisites consist of one to several pages, and can be valuable in driving traffic to a parent website. A minisite should not be created solely to funnel traffic; instead, it should offer focused content that justifies its existence as a separate website.

Google and other search engines consider it unethical to register multiple exact match domains for various minisites purely to direct traffic to a parent site.

Benefits of Minisites

Minisites can add value to a brand by offering:

  • Enhanced, unique user experience
  • Focused, lean navigation
  • Specially tailored site design and marketing voice

Minisite Uses

Minisites allow businesses to individually market:

  • New products
  • Specialized service divisions
  • Contests and promotions
  • Special events

Arguments Against Minisites

  • Time and effort:
    • For development and design of a new website
    • Slower rankings than new section on an established site
  • Lack of investment in main website:
    • No improvement the main website's content or rankings
    • Diluted brand identity and audience engagement

Minisites have their place, as long as they add real value. They're often best suited for known brands with established websites, not as a primary search engine optimization strategy.

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