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Glossary Definition: SERPS

An ever-growing glossary of SEO Jargon

What is a Search Engine Results Page?

A search engine results page or SERP is a web page returned by a search engine that lists the results to a keyword search.

Each result in the SERPs normally includes a title, short description, and link to its web page. Major search engines typically display two main types of listings in their results: organic and sponsored.

Organic results

Organic or natural listings are generated by algorithms that automatically return results in order of relevance from a regularly updated index. SERP titles and descriptions usually match the HTML Title and Meta Description for each listing, but are sometimes automatically created based on page content.

Organic listings usually take up the majority of space in search engine results, and are generally seen as the most useful by searchers.

Organic search results can include different types of results in addition to Web pages, including images, videos, news, and maps.

Sponsored results

Sponsored results, or paid results are text advertisements placed alongside organic search results. The most popular is Google's AdWords program, which allows website owners to bid for highest placed sponsored listings.

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