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SEO Packages

The package suitable for your site will depend on the current strength of its web presence, as well as your industry's competitive landscape. The SEO packages outlined below will often vary according to individual optimization requirements.

SEO campaigns can usually be customized to fit your budget, and almost always pay for themselves within months.

The SEO packages outlined below are typical examples of what we offer clients; however, our SEO solutions are always 100% customized to your needs for the highest value, and greatest returns on your investment.

Silver SEO Package - Small to medium-sized businesses

  1. Complete on-page and off-page site analysis
  2. Web Analytics set-up
  3. Complete pre and post-optimization documentation:
    1. Keyword research/strategizing & report
    2. Competition ranking-analysis and competitve intelligence report
    3. Pre-optimization indexing reports for Google, Yahoo, and Bing (Formerly MSN Live)
    4. Pre-optimization traffic and Analytics reports
  4. Improvements to HTML, including menu navigations, page titles, headings and other semantic adjustments.
  5. Site architecture optimization
  6. Web copy re-writes
  7. Identification and eradication of search engine spider obstructions
  8. Niche & authoritative directory submissions
  9. Follow-up consultation (8 week post-optimization - phone or office)
Pricing: $5000.00 and up

Gold SEO Package - Medium-sized businesses

  1. SEO Basics Package, plus:
  2. W3C web standard markup
  3. Press Release publishing
  4. Additional Landing pages (2400 words of copy)
  5. Article marketing
Pricing: $10 000.00 and up

Enterprise SEO Package - Large businesses & corporations

  1. SEO Intermediate Package, plus:
  2. 20 additional landing pages
  3. Social media marketing (SMM) and social media optimization (SMO) campaigns
  4. Whitepaper publishing
  5. Link-bait developement
  6. Search-friendly content creation and site maintenance training (4 non-consecutive hours)
Pricing: $20 000.00 and up

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