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Fix Wordpress bloat

How to Remove Code Bloat From WordPress Header

Most content management systems try to add as many features to their platforms as possible, and WordPress is certainly no exception to this rule. I like to choose my "features", but disabling them from the dashboard is often not an option. Whether … [Read more]

Penguin hiding

Big Changes to Penguin

Huge changes in the SEO world last week Google's Penguin algorithm (which targets and punishes sites that have a lot of spammy backlinks) was updated last week, after about 2 years. It's generally accepted that the last Penguin update was in … [Read more]

Auto Post to Twitter or Facebook With IFTTT

Automate Blog Posts to Twitter and Facebook With IFTTT

Whether you want to automatically post to Twitter or Facebook from your or anyone else's blog, IFTTT, or If This, Then That, makes it really simple. IFTTT (rhymes with gift) is the ultimate automation app that you can use to connect and play with … [Read more]

Riding the Google algorithm

The 3 Pillars of SEO or: How I Learned to Stop Riding the Algorithm

A little information can be a dangerous thing. Ranking factor lists; Tweets from Matt Cutts; the latest Google Update, etc. With context, all indispensable information. Without context—and without a well rounded Web background, the SEO novice can … [Read more]

SEO crossword #3

SEO Crossword Puzzle #3

Well it's been a few months since our last SEO crossword, so here's the latest, you lucky devils. This latest puzzle touches on some of the SEO-related stuff we deal with on a regular basis at work, as well as a few relatively recent developments in … [Read more]

SEO crossword #2

SEO Crossword Puzzle #2: Google Penalties

Most of the feedback from our last SEO crossword was that it was too difficult, so I toned this one down a whole lot, to a level of 'easy'. If you want more of a challenge, take a stab at an intermediate' SEO crossword. If you need hint or three, … [Read more]

Weekly SEO Hangouts You Don’t Want To Miss

The world of search is changing at a ridiculous rate. Sources that cover these changes aren't exactly lacking—there's no shortage of industry forums, blogs, and social platforms where you can get all the latest SEO news and views. It can be a … [Read more]

Reality Check: Context Applied to Common SEO Advice

As SEOs and other search visibility enthusiasts, we all keep a checklist of standard search engine optimization tactics that match what are generally believed to be Google's ranking signals. Unfortunately, a little information can be a dangerous … [Read more]

SEO crossword #1

SEO Crossword #1

Brushing up on your SEO knowledge doesn't always have to be a time consuming or bland process ;) Here's a fun way to learn more about search engine optimization. Test yourself. Test your friends. Test your cat. What? Here it is; Springboard SEO's … [Read more]

Copywriting Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins of Copywriting

Selling online is a bit of an art. Before your visitors reach your shopping cart, call your 800 number, or click on that submit button—in fact, from the second most visitors land on your site—they're probably in a relatively receptive mood. … [Read more]

Google Pagerank

PageRank Dead? I Still Feel a Pulse.

PageRank, HUH! What's it Good FOR?! Absolu - WAIT - I take it back! PageRank, huh, yeah. What's it good for?! Absolutely nuthin! Say it again. PageRank! Okay, it makes a good song, but I still haven't ditched this once be-all-end-all SEO … [Read more]

NOT semantic HTML

Common Semantic HTML Mistakes: Are You Making Them? (And Why You Shouldn’t)

This is what it looks like when divs cry. Just as well structured content adds to the user-experience for your site's visitors, semantic markup adds to your website's user-experience for search engines. No, it isn't the end all be all of … [Read more]

Raven tools review

Raven SEO Tools Review

Raven Tools offers a fantastic set of SEO reporting tools. The minimalist interface is clean and intuitive. Unless your only job is preparing website monitoring reports, I think simplicity should be on your software shortlist (there is such thing … [Read more] Comin’ on more than <strong>

My first reaction last week to was pure excitement. "Finally. the semantic Web is going to make a real difference in the world of search" I gushed. I've been spicing up my markup with Microformats for years. Any chance I have to add … [Read more]

What (Not) to Look for in an SEO Company

Search visibility can be very profitable for any business, but equally important is how it's achieved. What to avoid: keyword spam and content-farmed backlinks A closer look at the websites of many SEO companies—and their … [Read more]

Google Plus

What Google Needs To Do To Get Social Media Right

Google has to get past one main sticking point if they hope to stop sucking at social media. They need to think about user experience before trying to figure out how social signals can best improve search. If the main motivation for creating a … [Read more]


24 Landing Page Improvements that Boost Conversions

Landing page tactics are just as numerous as your conversion goals, but some are consistent winners. Many of the best practices for landing page optimization are simply Web usability guidelines that allow your site visitors to accomplish tasks … [Read more]

SEO is Dead. Again.

When I read Chris Dixon's piece claiming that SEO is "no longer a viable marketing strategy for startups", I didn't know what to make of it—ignorance or linkbait? The one-dimensional blurb headlines the article, which is supposedly supported by … [Read more]

Writing web content

10 Steps To Writing Better Web Content

Your Web content is in a constant battle against a number of variables competing for your readers' attention: A link to another website, the back button, their task at hand, the size of their monitor, the number of hours in the day. For those reasons … [Read more]

Always be closing SEO

The 3 Lies Wannabe-SEO Salesmen Tell, & Why

Competitive search visibility can make or break a business, and that fact has many sales teams drooling for a piece of the action. I've seen salesmen's jaws drop when learning of the huge profits attainable by selling a service that is actually … [Read more]

Mike and Joe’s Big Online Reputation Mismanagement Adventure

Joe Blow doin his thang Early this week, a good chunk of the SEO community went on a virtual lynching of Joe "Blow" we'll call him, an SEO from Columbus, Ohio. A blog post by Mike Halvorsen—a reputable SEO from the same city—quickly … [Read more]


Why exact match domain competitors shouldn’t scare you

I, along with everyone else, have used exact match domain names in the past, but for the most part (with some minor exceptions) I've abandoned them in favour of more brandable solutions. If an exact match domain and brandability coincide, then great, … [Read more]


Why Quora isn’t Just a Flash in the Pan

I've been using Quora on an almost daily basis for the last couple of months and I love it. The culture is great; it reminds me a bit of the freenode IRC network (minus the real-time factor). People have hung out in the same IRC channels on the same … [Read more]

Facebook breadcrumbs

Facebook Breadcrumbs Are For the Birds

I've always been aggravated with Facebook's unintuitive interface. Every time they roll out a new version of the site, I'm let down by the lack of a user-friendly site architecture. If Facebook has any UX specialists on staff, I have a hunch … [Read more]

I Sphinn SERPD, and I SERPD Sphinn

I'm very happy to see a new social SEM/SEO news site pop up, and with with some familiar and friendly faces behind it to boot. Hi, SERPD, the pleasure is all mine! Since Sphinn did away with their voting system at the beginning of the month in … [Read more]

Google Instant

Work in Search? Don’t Worry About Google Instant

Before the SEO world gets its collective panties in a knot about Google Instant's potential for putting us all out of work, it would be a good idea to remember why people use search engines in the first place: we want information suited to our … [Read more]

W3C Validation for SEO

W3C Validation for SEO? Separating Facts From Fiction

Wanna-be SEO types (you know, the ones that would be better off in boiler rooms) love to pitch W3C Validation as being crucial to SEO for one simple reason; it's easy to demonstrate to a client that a competitor's page has 376 errors, and then … [Read more]

Search Engine Submission Scams

Ye Olde Search Engine Submission Scam

My favorite Caribbean restaurant's website can be hard to find, even when searching for it by name and city together. I first discovered their site last year by looking at their take-out menu after ordering a delicious meal. When I visit a site … [Read more]