Usability-first Search Engine Optimization Comin’ on more than <strong>

My first reaction last week to was pure excitement. “Finally. the semantic Web is going to make a real difference in the world of search” I gushed. I’ve been spicing up my markup with Microformats for years. Any chance I have to add more semantics to a webpage, I’ll take. A couple of months […]

Mike and Joe’s Big Online Reputation Mismanagement Adventure

Joe Blow doin his thang Early this week, a good chunk of the SEO community went on a virtual lynching of Joe “Blow” we’ll call him, an SEO from Columbus, Ohio. A blog post by Mike Halvorsen—a reputable SEO from the same city—quickly became a good example of how not to react to public outrage […]

Why exact match domain competitors shouldn’t scare you

I, along with everyone else, have used exact match domain names in the past, but for the most part (with some minor exceptions) I’ve abandoned them in favour of more brandable solutions. If an exact match domain and brandability coincide, then great, I’m obviously all for it. If you’re looking for an opportunity for quicker, […]

Montreal’s Countless Marketing Opportunities

Purchasing patterns change in a recession. Targeting Montreal’s focused consumers with the high ROI of SEO will maximize your marketing campaign profits. Engaging in business in a city as culturally rich and seasonally diverse as Montreal opens the door to many – at times completely untapped – online marketing opportunities. With 2 major languages, 4 […]

Forbes Survey Gives SEO Big Thumbs Up

Forbes Media has released the results of its “Ad Effectiveness Survey“, revealing the digital marketing preferences among senior marketing executives polled. The survey, published yesterday was conducted between February 19, 2009 and March 19, 2009 in order to better understand behaviors and beliefs regarding digital marketing, and to predict areas of growth and weakness in […]

Obama’s Campaign suggests “Yes, ‘Google Website Optimizer’ Can”

By now it’s widely known that Barrack Obama’s superior internet marketing campaign surpassed McCain’s online strategy by fostering an efficient online community early on. Both of the campaigns took advantage of online behavioral targeting, using cookies set on visitors browsers to track what types of sites they visited, and displaying targeted ads to them on […]

Google Earth/Maps About To Get Even Sweeter

Just before noon (EDT) on September 6 2008, GeoEye (formerly ORBIMAGE) successfully launched the highest resolution and most accurate commercial imaging satelite, GeoEye-1, into orbit from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.. This week, on October 7, an image of Kutztown University in Pennsylvania was returned, the first location seen by the satellite when […]