Usability-first Search Engine Optimization

Ye Olde Search Engine Submission Scam

My favorite Caribbean restaurant’s website can be hard to find, even when searching for it by name and city together. I first discovered their site last year by looking at their take-out menu after ordering a delicious meal. When I visit a site that holds some interest for me – and it lacks basic functionality […]

Montreal’s Countless Marketing Opportunities

Purchasing patterns change in a recession. Targeting Montreal’s focused consumers with the high ROI of SEO will maximize your marketing campaign profits. Engaging in business in a city as culturally rich and seasonally diverse as Montreal opens the door to many – at times completely untapped – online marketing opportunities. With 2 major languages, 4 […]

The Emerging Vision for Market Research

If there’s any question in your mind whether social media is merely a passing trend or a major consideration in any internet marketing campaign, wonder no longer. Last month, more than 200 major advertising and market research executive representatives attended the sold out Industry Leader Forum – “Transforming Research. Are You Listening” – held by […]