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SEO Crossword Puzzle #3

Well it's been a few months since our last SEO crossword, so here's the latest, you lucky devils. This latest puzzle touches on some of the SEO-related stuff we deal with on a regular basis at work, as well as a few relatively recent developments in the search world. Here it is, our SEO crossword [...]

SEO Crossword Puzzle #2: Google Penalties

Most of the feedback from our last SEO crossword was that it was too difficult, so I toned this one down a whole lot, to a level of 'easy'. If you want more of a challenge, take a stab at an intermediate' SEO crossword. If you need hint or three, there's a little function for [...]

SEO Crossword #1

Brushing up on your SEO knowledge doesn't always have to be a time consuming or bland process ;) Here's a fun way to learn more about search engine optimization. Test yourself. Test your friends. Test your cat. What? Here it is; Springboard SEO's crossword for January 2014.

The Cynic’s Guide to Interpreting Google

Okay, we like to find the hidden meaning behind what google says poke fun at google, right? Yesterday, Google’s Non-Profits Team Google Grants published a post on their official blog, about a training session they held recently in Washington D.C. Their blog entry details the material that was taught to campaign managers on how to […]

SEO Rapper – Design Coding

I just discovered The Poetic Prophet (AKA The SEO Rapper). Here he is rapping about how web standards and proper design can affect the ranking and conversion of pages on your site. Visit the Poetic Prophet’s YouTube page. You know you want to.