Usability-first Search Engine Optimization

Weekly SEO Hangouts You Don’t Want To Miss

The world of search is changing at a ridiculous rate. Sources that cover these changes aren’t exactly lacking—there’s no shortage of industry forums, blogs, and social platforms where you can get all the latest SEO news and views. It can be a challenge just to filter the BS from the real deal. Even once you’ve […]

What Google Needs To Do To Get Social Media Right

Google has to get past one main sticking point if they hope to stop sucking at social media. They need to think about user experience before trying to figure out how social signals can best improve search. If the main motivation for creating a social platform is to improve organic ranking algorithms through social signals, […]

Why Quora isn’t Just a Flash in the Pan

I’ve been using Quora on an almost daily basis for the last couple of months and I love it. The culture is great; it reminds me a bit of the freenode IRC network (minus the real-time factor). People have hung out in the same IRC channels on the same networks for years, and think the […]

Facebook Breadcrumbs Are For the Birds

I’ve always been aggravated with Facebook’s unintuitive interface. Every time they roll out a new version of the site, I’m let down by the lack of a user-friendly site architecture. If Facebook has any UX specialists on staff, I have a hunch their primary goal is to dissuade users from tightening the screws on privacy […]

I Sphinn SERPD, and I SERPD Sphinn

I’m very happy to see a new social SEM/SEO news site pop up, and with with some familiar and friendly faces behind it to boot. Hi, SERPD, the pleasure is all mine! Since Sphinn did away with their voting system at the beginning of the month in favor of editorially chosen featured articles, a lot […]

Accepting SEO’s Social Dimension

Many SEOs have coding (opposed to marketing) backgrounds, and enjoy hours on end of alone-time in front of the computer. The stereotypical B movie computer nerd, glued to the monitor in mom’s basement and surrounded by Coke cans isn’t typically known for his social skills. Not that B movie stereotypes dominate our industry, but I […]

The Emerging Vision for Market Research

If there’s any question in your mind whether social media is merely a passing trend or a major consideration in any internet marketing campaign, wonder no longer. Last month, more than 200 major advertising and market research executive representatives attended the sold out Industry Leader Forum – “Transforming Research. Are You Listening” – held by […]