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Montreal’s Countless Marketing Opportunities

Montreal SEO
Purchasing patterns change in a recession. Targeting Montreal’s focused consumers with the high ROI of SEO will maximize your marketing campaign profits.

Engaging in business in a city as culturally rich and seasonally diverse as Montreal opens the door to many – at times completely untapped – online marketing opportunities. With 2 major languages, 4 very distinct seasons, and a whirlwind of events and festivals, there are many strategic angles to work from on the path to dominating one’s niche in Canada’s second most populous metropolitan area.

Montreal’s Diversity Encourages Holistic Marketing Strategies

In addition to the low hanging fruit afforded to local, savvy business owners, Montreal’s multi-faceted landscape has also proven to be an ideal setting for developing innovative approaches to solving the toughest search marketing challenges.

Whether you have business interests in Greater Montreal or overseas, don’t assume that the current financial climate implies that you can’t enjoy greatly enhanced revenues. Search engine optimization is a high impact, high value method of reaching targeted customers on the web. Consumers are less passive during a recession, and providing calls to action where targeted consumers are looking will maximize your ROI. As detailed in the Forbes ‘Ad Effectiveness’ 2009 survey, Search Engine Optimization, Email and e-newsletter marketing are by far the 3 leading methods of digital marketing among senior-level advertising, marketing and media executive respondents.

A Profitable Online Climate in All Seasons

Montreal in Winter

As a Montreal merchant, you’ll be well acquainted with the degree that the city’s seasonal fluctuations profoundly impact local business activity. All aspects of retail are affected in one way or another by our extreme weather conditions; from product marketability to customer buying behaviour.

Adapting to seasonal trends is as much a necessity online as it is for brick and mortar operations, yet many business websites fail to reflect the changes necessary for optimal customer engagement.

Appropriately managing your online presence according to Montreal’s fluctuating, seasonal marketing cycle can greatly enhance your bottom line.

Bilingualism: Montreal’s Social Currency

Montreal has everything a big city can offer and more. Beyond its vitality and urban density, Montreal is home to a one-of-a-kind society that boasts a level of multiculturalism most cities cannot. On the island itself, Quebec’s francophone majority constitutes approximately half of the population, therefore, leveraging a bilingual (and in some cases multilingual) marketing approach is a cohesive plan of action.

Montreal Language Demographics

The marketing industry in Montreal is the perfect model for demonstrating the value of defining and analyzing a target market. Studying demographics is key to satisfying the particular needs of specific customers and cultures.

Greater Montreal Area Language Stats Island of Montreal Language Stats

Whether reaching consumers in North America’s largest bilingual city, or expanding online business interests to target the non-english speaking 73% of all web users, effectively leveraging multilingual SEO techniques is pratically an art form.
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