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SEO Crossword Puzzle #2: Google Penalties

Most of the feedback from our last SEO crossword was that it was too difficult, so I toned this one down a whole lot, to a level of 'easy'. If you want more of a challenge, take a stab at an intermediate' SEO crossword. If you need hint or three, there's a little function for that in the puzzle's toolbar.

Here it is; our SEO crossword for March, 2014.

If you liked this crossword, or have suggestions, or any other comments, let us know!

About matt

Matthew Edward is the founder of Springboard SEO, a usability-first search engine optimization company in Montreal.

  • I cannot imagine how much time and brains it takes to come up with one of these. <3 this stuff Matt! Don't stop doing them!!

  • I very well might not have made this one without your encouragement, Gabriella! You’re the best :]

  • Awesome, Matt! Embarrassed to say I’m stumped on a couple

  • Thanks, Doc :] You can always use the ‘hints’ feature in the top menu. There’s nothing there you don’t know ;) Interpreting the hints I wrote is really the only challenge to these.

  • HAH! I hadn’t even noticed the hint menu

  • I’ve now mentioned in the post that it’s there. BTW, looking forward to your upcoming HOA!

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