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Bing’s White Paper Category in Need of a 301 Bandaid

Bing needs Band Aid
By now, those of us even remotely up to date with what’s happening in the search industry know that Bing released its Webmaster Whitepaper almost 2 weeks ago.

I find it refreshing that the Bing Webmaster Center Team has referred to SEO as an opportunity to help your website stand out from the crowd in the last couple of pages of the document. Not to infer that SEO will change so much on account of Bing, but it’s nice to see the Bing team demonstrate some examples of how the search engine’s categorized results lists will affects SEO efforts in general.

I’m pretty surprised however that in the 12 days since the whitepaper’s release, there hasn’t been more community response to the post, with a mere 32 comments, and very few questions.

In all honesty, I’m not too keen on the stripping of capital letters from comments on Bing Community, but I can live with that.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like what I see so far with this search engine. But what I am having a hard time understanding however, is that in the 6 posts of Bing’s ‘announcement’ ‘annoucement’ category made since May 28 2009, nobody has bothered to correct the typo and 301 redirect to the proper spelling of ‘announcement’.
Bing announcement typo
Is it just me or does $80 million to $100 million (on marketing and advertising for Bing), not go as far as it used to?

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