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Sphinn and SERPD

I’m very happy to see a new social SEM/SEO news site pop up, and with with some familiar and friendly faces behind it to boot. Hi, SERPD, the pleasure is all mine!

Since Sphinn did away with their voting system at the beginning of the month in favor of editorially chosen featured articles, a lot of criticism has been aired for and against their decision and motivations.

Admittedly, I did enjoy the voting system of Sphinn while it was still feasible for staff to maintain. Discussion, feedback, and votes stemming from the widest selection possible of community members certainly has a different flavor from an editor selected voting system.

That being said, I think it’s great to have one type of voting system each, across two social news sites.

The way I see it, this isn’t a which is better debate; two perspectives often add more value that one. I know I’ll continue to check out what’s hot and submit to Sphinn as I have in the past as I will with SERPD—and I’m sure I’ll appreciate both flavors for different reasons. In fact, I know I will.

I’m really hoping SERPD and Sphinn community members take the high road and not start choosing sides. This thing of ours (the search professional community, not the other thing) has had enough of that already. *cough* SEOMoz *cough* SEOBook.

In order to continue to earn mainstream respect, let’s demonstrate the independent thinking and maturity we’re obviously capable of.

Group hug?