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The 3 Pillars of SEO or: How I Learned to Stop Riding the Algorithm

Chasing Google Algorithm

A little information can be a dangerous thing. Ranking factor lists; Tweets from Matt Cutts; the latest Google Update, etc. With context, all indispensable information. Without context—and without a well rounded Web background, the SEO novice can easily get lost in a world of bogus advice and exaggerated benefits. Before we continue: this isn’t an […]

The Seven Deadly Sins of Copywriting

Copywriting mistakes to avoid

Selling online is a bit of an art. Before your visitors reach your shopping cart, call your 800 number, or click on that submit button—in fact, from the second most visitors land on your site—they’re probably in a relatively receptive mood. They’ve landed on your site for a reason, but it’s up to you to […]