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Automate Blog Posts to Twitter and Facebook With IFTTT

Whether you want to automatically post to Twitter or Facebook from your or anyone else’s blog, IFTTT, or If This, Then That, makes it really simple. IFTTT (rhymes with gift) is the ultimate automation app that you can use to connect and play with various online platforms. It’s one of the neatest aggregate uses of APIs I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been using it for a couple of years now for all sorts of things.

IFTTT recipe: RSS to Twitter

Here are instructions for automatically tweeting to your Twitter account whenever a post is made to any blog that has an RSS or Atom feed. Instructions for posting to Facebook are pretty much the same:

  1. Sign up for and confirm your IFTTT account
  2. Go to ‘My Recipes‘ in the main menu
  3. Click on the Create Recipe button
  4. Click on the highlighted ‘This’ to get started
  5. Choose ‘Feed’ as a trigger channel
  6. Select ‘New feed item’, and enter an Atom or RSS feed URL, e.g., (The Springboard SEO Blog RSS feed), then click on ‘Create Trigger”. If you can’t find a blog’s feed URL, a quick way to find it is to view page source on any page of the blog, and CTRL-F for either RSS or Atom. To find the feed URL of a YouTube Channel, go to the channel, or any video on the channel, and CTRL-F for the the attribute that precedes the id: data-channel-external-id. The YouTube channel’s feed URL will be in the form
  7. A new window will appear that shows you’ve set a new feed item from as your “this” – now click on the highlighted “That”
  8. Choose Twitter as your action channel, and click on ‘Connect’
  9. In the window that appears, grant access to your Twitter account, and continue to the next step
  10. Choose ‘Post a Tweet’ as an action
  11. Add optional text to the ‘Complete Action Field’, e.g., ‘New post from @SpringboardSEO’ and click on ‘Create Action’
  12. The next window will present you with your recipe:
    If new feed item from, then post a tweet to @YourTwitterAccount. At this point, you can add any optional hashtags, e.g., #SEO
  13. Click on ‘Create Recipe’
  14. Your new recipe will be added to your ‘IF’ recipes, and will tweet new blog posts from the RSS or Atom feed to your Twitter account until you edit, pause, or delete it.

One of the many cool features in IFTTT is that you aren’t limited to playing with social media. Far from it. You can trigger actions between over 200 channels.

What tools do you use to automate posts to Twitter and Facebook?

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