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Google Penalty Recovery Services

Recover from manual and automated search engine penalties

Has Your Website Been Penalized by Google?

Have shady SEO practices that violate search quality guidelines set you back? Let us help you regain your rankings.

Search engine penalty recovery
  • Forensic site analysis: We'll track down the problem with a thorough look at your analytics and rankings history in relation to search engine algorithm updates and known penalties
  • Backlink removal: Identification, removal, and disavows of spammy backlinks pointing to your site
  • On-site optimization: Complete audit and optimization of all problematic content and web coding

Springboard SEO has always used only search engine approved search visibility strategies. The same can't be said for all SEO companies, unfortunately. Is your business now suffering because of dropped rankings?

Google has greatly improved its ability to detect subpar content and manipulative backlink-schemes. Relatively recent additions to Google's ranking algorithms, notably Panda and Penguin, can demote rankings of infringing websites.

Search engine guidelines are clear; has your site violated any? Give us a call for a complete forensic analysis of your website and recovery.

See our full list of Google algorithm updates

Springboard SEO's optimization solutions are designed to help you achieve high rankings—and help you stay there—so that search engine algorithm updates are nothing to fear.

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