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Understand Search Engine Optimization

Connect with consumers at the exact moment they're considering a purchase

Help Your Customers Find You

Screenshot of natural search engine listings in GoogleMost people choose to click on the natural search engine results over the sponsored listings above them

Search is sometimes referred to as reverse broadcasting. Consumers are telling you what they want, and competitive search placement allows you to satisfy their desires when they'll be the most receptive to your marketing efforts—when they need you.

The goal of search engine optimization is to get you the long-term web visibility you need for continual profits without the recurrent costs of pay-per-click advertising models.

How SEO Works

Search engine optimization focuses on improving the 3 main components of a website in order to improve relevance criteria of search engines for specific keyword searches. Working within recognized guidelines and standards ensure those results stay long-term.

  1. Great Content
  2. Smart Structure
  3. The Right Backlinks

Why Search is So Effective

Woman using search engine on her smartphonePeople are tired of being told what to buy; they have the means at their fingertips to find products on their own terms.

Today's consumers are far less influenced by mainstream media than they were before the Internet. Online search offers both the convenience and diversity to satisfy every niche, and as a result, consumers are more informed, and more inclined to ignore push marketing.

Through search and social media, people are taking advantage of the information our connected digital world has to offer, and this behaviour is driving online and offline transactions at an accelerated rate.

Achieve high rankings for your most competitive search terms, and stay there. At Springboard SEO, we believe in doing it right the first time, so that Google updates and algorithm changes are unlikely to ever lower your rankings; in fact, they'll probably only improve them.

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