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Keyword Targeting and Research

Target consumers with the search terms they use on the Web

Drive Quality Traffic With the Right Keywords

Target consumers with the search terms they use on the Web, and watch traffic turn into leads.

Keyword research tableKeyword research helps pinpoint exact terms to target your customers with
  • Gain insights into search-terms consumers are using to find products and services like yours.
  • Focus your efforts on ranking for keywords that lead to income.
  • Refine your business model according search trends and consumer preference.

Get a Head Start With the Right Keyword Strategy

Today, virtually all of your potential customers are exhibiting precisely what they want through Internet searches. Have us do the research to identify the keywords most likely to bring you the leads that your business needs to grow. We can then help you restructure your web content to target your most lucrative search terms, or, help you with a new content strategy from scratch.

Springboard SEO Keyword Research Report Include:

Keyword research reports
  • Your niche's most searched keywords/keyphrases in Google
  • Global and local search volumes for those keywords
  • Percentages of devices used in search for your targeted keywords (mobile, desktop)
  • Description of which of your industry's keywords will bring you the best leads. (Informational vs. transactional, etc)
Learn about Springboard SEO reports

Your website's content strategy is influenced by search data, and so might be your overall business strategy. We'll ensure that you meet your short-term goals and position your company for long-term success.

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