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Mobile SEO Services

Is Your Website ready for the mobile Web?

Get Found by People on the Go

Get your mobile website found in Google and other leading search engines.

Smartphone displaying Google searchMobile searches officially overtook desktop in May 2015* Is your website ready for this new era?
  • Improve search engine rankings in mobile versions of Google and Bing.
  • Get more local customers from mobile search results, which favour local businesses.
  • Reach people when they're ready to buy: Drive people to your location when they're on the go and ready to make a purchase.
  • Target mobile users with user-friendly functionality for faster leads and transactions.

Smartphones are penetrating the Internet market at lightning speed. Half of all Canadians now own an Iphone, Android device, Blackberry, or some other type of Web-ready touchphone or tablet. Are you taking advantage of this opportunity with a site mobile users can find and use with ease?

Mobile Search Engine Optimization Services

Our mobile web solutions include:

Search engine-friendly website on a smartphoneCater to mobile users with a site they can find and use with ease, right in the palms of their hands.
  • Smartphone-optimized website development that streamlines design and content to ensure optimal user experience on both mobile and desktop platforms.
  • Keyword research and targeting that reflects the search habits of mobile users.
  • Content strategy that meets the engagement preferences of your mobile visitors.
  • Segmented search and ranking analytics to track mobile independently of one another.
  • Choice of mobile website formats: Offer one website that resizes to fit perfectly on mobile and desktop visitors alike, or automatically direct smartphone users to a separate, tailored experience, with condensed content specifically conceived for mobile viewers. We'll help you choose.

Get More Local Traffic With a Mobile-friendly Website

Smart phone searching for local businesses

One in three mobile searches is local—this trend is perfect for driving foot traffic to your retail location. Set yourself apart from the local competition with a website that displays just a well on mobile devices as it does for desktop users, and is found for Internet searches in your area.

Let us build you a site that's easy to find and a pleasure to use in all devices.

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