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Email Marketing Services

Increase the lifetime value of your customers

Retain Customers With Ease

Have us plan, implement, test, and ensure the success of your next email marketing campaign.

Laptop with mail being inserted into virtual slotEmail marketing allows easy, personalized communication according to purchase history, customer profiles, and more.
  • Generate repeat business and customer loyalty
  • Reduce time and effort associated with direct mail marketing
  • Contact subscribers in real-time with promotions and newsletters
  • See higher conversions by targeting separate groups of contacts

Your customers and website visitors have already expressed interest in your company, so take the opportunity to develop that interest further. Give consumers the chance to opt-in to your newsletter or exclusive holiday promotions for increased long-term communication and sales.

Create Long-term Relationships With Your Customers

Springboard SEO will help you:

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  1. Choose the tools best suited to your marketing goals.
  2. Grow a database of opt-in emails.
  3. Segment your email list according to purchase history, location, age, and more.
  4. Brainstorm ideas for newsletters that inform, promote, or offer exclusive content to subscribers for the highest response rates.
  5. Craft high impact content and compelling subject lines for your promotional emails and associated landing pages.
  6. Integrate your email campaigns with other online channels.
  7. Track purchases, whitepaper downloads, responses to promotions, and interaction with newsletters, such as open rates, social shares, and much more.
Email Marketing designsSupply your own design, or have us put together a personalized solution.

Permission-based email marketing can deliver the highest returns on investment of any digital marketing activity. Have Springboard SEO plan, implement, test, and ensure the success of your next email marketing campaign.

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