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Microblogging Services

Engage your audience quickly and virally

Strengthen Your Brand With Twitter

Turn your website visitors and customers into brand advocates.

Twitter on smartphoneToday, people share information on their favorite social media platforms everywhere they go.
  • Build a network of people eager to spread your message
  • Engage your audience with your views, your Web content, and your brand
  • Increase your online influence, credibility, and trust with public interactions
  • Create a viral response with minimal effort

The impact that microblogging—particularly Twitter—has had on the Web is staggering. Every hour, relationships are built, compelling content goes viral, and brand allegiance is encouraged.

Get Started With Microblogging

As with on all social media platforms, creative strategy is everything to marketing on Twitter.

Springboard SEO will help you:

  1. Connect with influencers—those most likely to create buzz around your ideas.
  2. Communicate quickly and virally with your target audience.
  3. Formulate content strategies suited to your industry, organization, and customers.
  4. Select the right tools to manage and pre-schedule Twitter messages.
  5. Familiarize you with best practices of microblogging and successful social media engagement.

Twitter's 140-character message limit sets the stage for concise, summarized communication, allowing you to reach your contacts and followers with minimal time and effort.

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