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Information Design

Your website's structure and organization drive bottom-line goals?

Structure Your Site For Successful Communication

Guide visitors and search rankings to where you need them.

Information architecture diagramEfficient structure helps visitors and search engines.

Planning is essential for every aspect of your business, and your website is no exception. At Springboard SEO, we're ahead of the curve as we lay your site's foundation. From flowchart to wireframe and design mockup, our attention to information design helps to:

  • Lead visitors to crucial content with efficient site structure and navigation.
  • Increase page views, orders, and conversion rates.
  • Decrease calls to your help-line.
  • Save time and money by planning your site's structure before hiring a designer.
  • Improve rankings in search engines.

Smart Information Design Drives Smart Decisions

Whether you're in the early stages of planning your new website, or working on a complete redesign, we'll work closely with you to understand your organizational needs and help structure your website's content according to the expectations of your visitors—and the rewards from search engines.

Information Design Services

  • User research to identify the needs, goals, and behaviour of your visitors.
  • Goal setting and strategy development to align the interests of your organization with those of your visitors.
  • Wireframes sketches, mockups, sitemaps and all other necessary documents that clearly illustrate our recommendations for consistent site hierarchy, structure, and intuitive navigation.
  • Complete support to assist your designers, developers, or team, as they work to implement our information design recommendations.

Sit down with us and get the ball rolling towards a website that guides your visitors and search rankings to where you need them.

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