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Web Standards

Ensure the long-term functionality, accessibility, and easy maintainability of your website

Future-proof Your Web Visibility

Future-proof your website with Springboard SEO's W3C Web standards-compliant, clean coding services.

Web standard markupBehind a Web standards compliant website is the technology to ensure its long-term viability on the Web
  • Deliver your Web content to the widest audience, accessible to more people and more types of Internet devices
  • Reduce costs of site maintenance with an efficiently developed, standards-compliant website
  • Future-proof your website against evolving browsers and new generations of tablets, smart phones, and all other internet devices
  • Boost search visibility with search engine friendly Web coding, well structured content, and quicker loading pages

How do Web standards help search engine optimization?

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) develops Web standard guidelines to help ensure future-proof accessibility of Web content—regardless of the browser, user-interface, or physical limitations of your visitors.

World Wide Web ConsortiumThe W3C's Web standards reduce site development and maintenance time, enhance website usability, and make your content accessible to its largest audience

Springboard SEO's Web standard development services ensure that your website will continue to perform for people and in search as the Web continues to evolve. Visit our blog to understand common misconceptions regarding Web standards, and W3C validation, and SEO.

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