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Website Accessibility Services

Allow access to all your Web content—anywhere, anytime, by everyone

Open Your Site to More Visitors

Meet website accessibility standards to ensure your site is available on internet devices, and by people of all abilities or disabilities.

Open doorIs your website 100% accessible to all people, search engines, and user-devices?
  • Get additional traffic from vision impaired and other special needs users
  • Boost search engine rankings
  • Improve website performance across all devices
  • Meet legal requirements and anti-discrimination legislation
  • See more conversions with equal access to your website for all

People that visit your website using increasingly popular smartphones and tablets, such as the iPhone and iPad, benefit from improved website accessibility, as do the vision impaired, with screen readers and other assistive technology. Your website's accessibility could be the deciding factor behind better visitor engagement, better on-site SEO, and higher conversions.

Complete Web Accessibility Services

Real World Solutions

Our accessibility services include:
  • Responsive site design for layouts that adapt perfect to smaller screen sizes on handheld devices.
  • Progressive enhancement to adapt rich media (Video, Adobe Flash, JavaScript, Java applets, PDF documents, and other technologies) to all browsers, and for all users and search engines.
  • Tableless layouts to simplify screen reader navigation.
  • Creation of text equivalents for non-text elements such as images and graphical representations of text not available to some users.
  • Usability improvements for the visually impaired with better support for adjustable text size, contrast and technical aids such as screen readers.

Standards Compliance

Meet accessibility guidelines

Springboard SEO delivers real-world accessibility improvements that go beyond the recognized Web standards to align your website with the increasingly diverse sources of today's web traffic.

Don't lose visitors or rankings because people and search engines can't properly access your entire website. Improve the accessibility of your site so it's usable on all internet devices, and by people of all abilities or disabilities.

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