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Website Performance Optimization

Improve your website's speed to satisfy visitors and search engines

Is Your Website Loading as Fast as it Should?

Bring your site up to speed to today's feature-rich demands.

Slow turtle, sped upDeliver web pages faster for more page views, better search rankings, and increased revenue.
  • Improve user experience
  • Get better search engine rankings
  • Decrease visitor frustration and bounce rates.
  • See higher conversions from visitors who stay on your site longer and view more pages.

Website speed is associated with reliability, stability, and credibility. Because faster web sites provide a better user experience, they typically result in more page views and higher conversion rates.

Additionally, Google also prefers quick loading pages; faster sites perform better in search.

Match Your Website's Performance to All its Bells and Whistles

Don't let today's increasingly complex site construction and dynamic content slow down your website.

Google rankings stop watchEvery second counts: The average visitor has no patience for web pages that take too long to load.

Let Us Help:

  • Standardize your site's construction to meet W3C Web Standards recommendations and accessibility guidelines.
  • Optimize JavaScript, images, CSS and HTML for smaller file sizes with compression and minification.
  • Minimize web server calls with fewer script blocks and HTTP requests.
  • Speed up user browser processes with cached content and content distribution networks (CDNs).
  • Get full reports with rich diagnostic information and measurable performance improvements.

Site speed is more important now than ever. Website performance optimization is integral to search engine optimization—for increased search visibility, as well as to conversion rate optimization—for helping turn those leads into customers.

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