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Web Analytics Services

Measure every one of your visitor's journeys through—and to—your website

Measure Engagement, and Grow

Know how much your web presence impacts your bottom line, and maximize your online marketing activities.

Web analytics dashboardsOptimize your website based on user data,
not gut feeling
  • Gain insights into visitor behavior
  • Monitor performance of your social media channels
  • Pinpoint opportunities for improved engagement and search rankings
  • Refine visitor experience by adjusting key landing pages
  • Improve your conversions by aligning your website with the goals of your visitors

Every person that visits your website communicates where they entered, which pages they visited, where they left, and why. Understand user intent to improve customer engagement through each point of your presence online.

Measure, Report, Analyze and Improve

As part of the analytics services we offer, we'll:

Web analytics reports
  • Configure the analytics tools that fit best with your business objectives
  • Define primary, secondary, and micro conversion goals for your website
  • Set up key performance indicators (KPIs), to measure the success of your ongoing marketing campaigns
  • Customize your analytics dashboards to track data that matters most
  • Produce ongoing or on-demand reports in understandable digital and printed formats
  • Provide recommendations for improved engagement and conversion rates
  • YouTube Analytics
  • Google Analytics
  • Moz Analytics
  • Raven Tools

Do you know how much your website impacts your company's bottom line? Let us help you measure and maximize all your online marketing activities, including your search engine optimization, social media marketing, and conversion rate optimization efforts.

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